Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas and New Job!

The holidays were great! My family and I went to the local gingerbread display here in town on the 20th and then went Christmas sister and I had such a blast taking pictures and videos for Blake since he is currently with his parents in the south lol...So yes, if that gives you any hints about how I have been feeling lately, then you have probably guessed right. I have been a tad bit meloncholy due to the season and the separation, but I really have no place to complain because life has treated me well! I recieved quite a few awesome gifts for Christmas and spent the day watching movies and laughing lots with my sisters and Mom.
I scored a job last week at the local Golden Corral and I now host andd serve there. The people I work with are fairly decent people and they make the job very entertaining. There is a great sense of humor amongst them and if I can get over my gullibility and tendancy to take everything so seriously, I think that I will fit in just fine...
Will probably post my annual New Year's message in a couple of days...til then, God bless all!