Monday, February 9, 2009

Ok so here is my very late New Year's message! I have been soooooooo busy planning a wedding that the thought of posting this for all to read totally slipped my mind! But anyways, here it is...and I found a couple of really cool poems too!

"Hey y'alls! Hope this past year has been blessed for everyone of you. I hope you all have found satisfaction and love and opportunities...I pray that the Lord has blessed you all!
This is the year to top all years! This is the year that I went to college and I finally struck some independance, yet at the same time I discovered that being on your own really allows to appreciate the little things that your family tends to give you that no one else opportunities to free laundry, and neverending moments to torment your brothers lol...moments of goofy unexpected laughter and moments of really silly tears. Yes, that's right, I've cried for the stupidist reasons after being home once again but it's those tears that once their over allow you to reflect and provide the way to the changes that one should make in oneself. I've only discovered this in the past few weeks, but it's been a great learning tool in helping me cultivate my humility and love towards others...
I also was blessed so dearly with the most amazing man! Blake Rawls, my now future hubby, is God's greatest gift in my life! He has taught me so many things about how to be a strong and compassionate woman. He is the shining example that motivates me to be better and to want to make myself great! Blake allows me to see into the depths of myself the way that no one else has been able to before and everyday I try to be the woman that is worthy of his love! He is the apple to my orange, the cheese to my macaroni! lol...Without him, there would be little flavor in my life and what a sad day that would be cause you all no how I love my flavor lol! For the time being we are away from each other, saving our little hearts out so that we have food to eat after the wedding, but that's given me time to learn more about him and myself and how strong we are as a couple! THe biggest lesson I learn this past year was what it is to truely so much that you would lay down your life for that person...everyday I strive to cultivate that love and harness it into the pure love that Christ would desire that I have! It is a work in progress but what a gret resolution right? lol
For this next year, 2009 YIPES!, there is going to be a great many changes in my family. My sister is getting married 3 months before I will follow suit and then it's back to my almost sophmore year at college. I will have a new home, a new life, a definate future, a new eternal companion! What a great thing! New year always make me a tad sad as does change, but Change I now realize is for the best. God intends change and it is something that I should embrace not fear. One of my resolutions starting tonight is to strive to live more positively and fully! I have noticed a slight retreating back into my little shell and I think that that has been due to a lot of instability and change within my family and friends, but I have refused to let that happen! I just realized how beautiful and lovely life can be and I can't lose that....I will continue to make new beginnings-live and love as if tomarrow were my last day on earth!
I do have a testimony of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and all that He has done for me..I have really had a huge focus on the Atonement in my studies this year, and I can to a new appreciation for it! I love God, I love Christ, and I love all of His blessings in my life...I feel priveledged to know that He gave His life for someone as insignificant as me and that through that sacrifice and love, I can become all that He intends for me to be. He is the truth the light and the way-I say this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!

How can I use the New Year
To better serve my Lord?
I’ll read my Bible every day,
And be more in accord.
I’ll find new ways to serve others;
I’ll love my neighbor, too.
I’ll focus on "give" instead of "get"
In everything I do.
I’ll forgive the people I’m mad at;
Angry feelings I’ll discard;
I’ll try to love my enemies,
Even though it’s hard.
In the new year, I’ll lift people up,
Instead of putting them down.
I’ll fill my heart with love and joy,
And never wear a frown.
I’ll let go of my worries;
I’ll put it all in His hands;
I’ll repent and try to sin less,
And obey all His commands.
These new year’s resolutions
Are difficult, at best,
But there’s something I can do each day
That will put my soul at rest:
I’ll love my Lord with all my heart,
With all my mind and soul,
And if I do that essential thing,
All the rest will be in control.

Here’s to the yearthat’s almost past its expiration date—2008.We all had some surprises, didn’t we?Some good, some distressing.Let’s use everything we got from our experiences,everything we learned,to enrich the new year.Here’s to the new year, 2009,a gift we haven’t opened yet.May its bright, shiny packagecontain even more than we hope for."

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine's Day!!!

SO it's official....Blake will be here in seven days! I'm so excited to see him after two whole months!! We are going on a date and I can't wait...I have never had a Valentine's date before! I am trying to figure out what to wear so that I look gorgeous and lovely... His mom will be joining him on his trip to my town so she will get to meet my family. Next week will be amazing! I cant wait to see him and give him the biggest hug and the longest kiss! YAY for being in LOVE!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Wedding and Some Heartache

Wow, it has almost been a month since I have written! I just don't know how I let the time get away from me lol...anyways, yes, the title is true, it has been one crazy month! My younger sister was sealed on the 9th to a great man that I have come to respect even though I give him the hardest time (he's my brother now so it's required lol). The wedding and reception were beautiful and it was great to reconnect with his family who are long time friends of ours! It also put a few things into perspective and really made me realize how much I love my sister...and I have to admit that after all these years of Michelle's being jealous of me for this or for that, I believe that now I am a little jealous of her new life wishing that it were my turn, right here-RIGHT NOW!
Anyways, again the wedding was glorious and even though it was cold, windy, and the newlyweds left the reception in a somewhat blizzard...I feel that the Lord will bless our family and theirs for their righteous decision.
Sometimes, the Lord likes to throw curve balls though because soon after Michelle got what the doctor's believe to be mono lol which made it a little difficult on her new husband. I felt so sorry for them, though I remained at a distance because I certainly do not want to get it and then pass it to Blake lol...that would make his visit a lot bit bad!
Counting the days til my wedding (we are down to ten weeks!!!) and the day can't seem to come fast enough most times. Talking with Blake on the phone has been all right, but it's beginning to be really hard sometimes when you can't see or experience life with them. I hate feeling like we are living two seperate lives right now, but never fear, though the heartache has been rough...the Lord has provided his comfort and love and we are GETTING THROUGH IT!!! Thank goodness!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas and New Job!

The holidays were great! My family and I went to the local gingerbread display here in town on the 20th and then went Christmas sister and I had such a blast taking pictures and videos for Blake since he is currently with his parents in the south lol...So yes, if that gives you any hints about how I have been feeling lately, then you have probably guessed right. I have been a tad bit meloncholy due to the season and the separation, but I really have no place to complain because life has treated me well! I recieved quite a few awesome gifts for Christmas and spent the day watching movies and laughing lots with my sisters and Mom.
I scored a job last week at the local Golden Corral and I now host andd serve there. The people I work with are fairly decent people and they make the job very entertaining. There is a great sense of humor amongst them and if I can get over my gullibility and tendancy to take everything so seriously, I think that I will fit in just fine...
Will probably post my annual New Year's message in a couple of days...til then, God bless all!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hello All! Welcome!

Hi everyone out there...thanks for coming to the blog! Life has been wonderful for me over the last few months...I have met the most wonderful man in the entire world-my beloved Blake. We met on the 2 August at BYU Idaho and after a glorious and astounding 10 days, decided that we wanted to be in each other's futures. So he proposed and I accepted! YAY! We are getting married April 10th in the Rexburg temple and then will be moving to the family friendly community for the duration I think. I decided to begin this blog since I will soon be starting my new life.